Alpaca, kid mohair, wools blended with synthetic fibers

Warm and soft Knitwear for elegant and young women, produced with velvety yarns like alpaca, kid mohair, wool blended with synthetic fibers, all made in Italy.

Games of stitches, large gauges for knitwear dedicated to young ad eclectic women. Knitting techniques ideal both for a warm sweater and for a knitted overcoat to be worn in fall and spring seasons. Warm and basic colors mixed with colder tinges to be adored by all kinds of woman.
Fashion accessories (zippers and buttons are always different) characterize our clothing and add superior value. Finishing like manual raising of the garments, jacquard weaving or inlay work enrich the clothing granting stronger character and originality. Coats, cardigans, pullovers and ponchos, scarves and shawls, fur stitches, fringe, links. Every garment is treated and washed to make it softer and more pleasing to the touch.

Our most important gauges are 3/5/7